Jan 25 2013

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We recommend

Increasing growth of informational flows are characteristic for today. Traditional education doesn’t give skills of building search strategies of necessary information in full measure in increasing informational space.

However modern specialist in any space must not only orientate in document search and find necessary information to definite terms efficiently, but also form own works correctly: reports of scientific-research and  preproduction works, reports on conferences, articles in periodical editions and etc.

Following unified single rules of design work gives opportunity “to speak in one language” with colleagues from different countries and various scientific communities, especially at present time, when one of assessments of urgency of the theme and efficiency of scientist’s work is index of citation. The right design of the bibliography of teachers and scientific staff, correct compiling of bibliographic lists for abstracts, term papers and diploma projects by students can be considered as practical presentation of informational culture.

We recommend to appeal to compliant GOST and make bibliographical lists rightly for forming links on used sources.


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