Jan 25 2013

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About the Library

Libraries have strongly entered into our life. Many of us got acquainted with them in school years. Need in new knowledge leads readers of different ages and professions to the library.

University libraries have always played a special role in the history of society. Academic process, methodological manuals, scientific research, cultural heritage, education and traditions aren’t carried out without participation of the library.

The library of Karaganda state technical university began to form in 1953 as the library of Mining institute. The base of the book stock were books from mining institutes of Moscow, Leningrad, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov.

Today’s KSTU library is significantly different from what it was in the period of opening. It is one of the largest libraries in Central Kazakhstan. Reading rooms and delivery room, various collections, considered inquiry apparatus attract not only teachers and students of our university, but also youth and the intellectuals of our city and region.

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