Jun 01 2021

Webinar with Antiplagiat and the April Web of Science webinar series

How to prepare a publication for an international scientific journal

The webinars of this series are conducted by Valeria Kurmakaeva.

1. Basic requirements for publications in international journals

The expectations of the editor. The main reasons for refusals to publish. Working with revisions of reviewers. The structure of the scientific article. Practical advice on writing the main sections. Distinctive features of academic English. Drawing up an annotation. Writing headers. Choice of keywords.

- 12 April, Monday 08:00 (Moscow time)

- April 13, Tuesday 14:00 (Moscow time)

- April 14, Wednesday 11:00 (Moscow time)

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Jun 01 2021

Updated format for the list of publications indexed in Scopus

Please note that the format of the list of publications indexed in Scopus has changed. Now the general list of editions indexed in Scopus includes a separate tab for editions accepted in the specified month (currently – March 2021) and a separate tab for editions that were no longer indexed (currently – March 2021). The updated list is already available on the Scopus page of the Elsevier website in Russia: https://elsevierscience.ru/products/scopus/

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Jun 01 2021

The updated course “Database Tools Scopus 2021″ has been launched

The team of the Elsevier Lecture Center invites researchers, doctoral students, undergraduates, students, employees of scientific departments to study on the online course “Database Tools Scopus 2021″. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 01 2021


Dear Readers!

To register in the electronic library, you need to get a login and password. To receive a login and password, send a request to the corporate mail library_ktu@mail.ru. Then a letter with a login and password for working in the electronic library will be sent to the email address specified in the application.

Application form for registration in the electronic library

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Jun 01 2021

Dear teachers!

The library has developed for you step-by-step instructions for working in the updated interface of the electronic catalog.


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