Jan 25 2013

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About the Library

Libraries have become part of our life. Many people get to know them during their school years. This is where the need for new knowledge brings readers of different ages and professions.

University libraries have always played a special role in the history of society. The educational process, methodological developments, scientific research, cultural heritage, upbringing and traditions are not carried out without the participation of the library.

The library of the Karaganda Technical University began to form in 1953 as a library of a mining institute. The basis of the book fund was made up of books from mining institutes in Moscow, Leningrad, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov.

Today’s KTU library is significantly different from what it was at the time of its opening. It is one of the largest in Central Kazakhstan. Reading rooms and subscriptions, a variety of collections and collections, a well-thought-out information system attract not only teachers and students of our university to our library, but young people and the intelligentsia of the city and region.

Tasks of the university library:

  • Preserving the traditional, age-old tasks of preserving book collections with the addition of the function of information centers that promote the open science initiative, most fully and qualitatively reflecting the content produced by teachers and university staff in the information space.
  • Formation of a portfolio of modern educational services aimed at promoting the introduction of innovative educational products and technologies, improving the quality of education, developing e-learning and distance technologies.
  • Development and transformation of the library’s activities in accordance with modern trends in the development of education and science.
  • Formation of general cultural skills in information hygiene, training users to search for quality information outside the library resources.


The library development strategy is consistent with the goals, objectives, priorities of the national education system.

The main activities of the library are:

  • Diversity of the content of the educational process on the basis of high-quality acquisition of the library fund;
  • organization of comprehensive library and information services for all categories of users, ensuring their free and safe access to information, knowledge, ideas, cultural values, generating interest in a healthy lifestyle;
  • training readers to use the book and other media, search, selection and the ability to evaluate information;
  • implementation of the scientific and educational policy of the university.


The KTU library is presented as part of a single whole, global university intellectual space and directs its efforts to develop a mechanism for partnerships between the library and readers, aggregators of information resources, book business enterprises in the field of document supply of the fund.

The reader is the main partner of any library. On the basis of readers’ requests, the library develops, forms a document fund, introduces information technologies, and makes plans for the future.

An electronic library system is a mandatory element of library and information support, which is a database containing educational, scientific, educational and methodological and other literature used in the educational process.

The book publishing house is a source of replenishment of the book fund according to the needs of readers and satisfying the interests of various target groups of the university.

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