Mar 13 2013

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State symbols

National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan


National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a rectangular piece of cloth of sky-blue colour bearing (in its centre) a design of the sun with rays, with a soaring eagle underneath. All along the flagstaff there runs a vertical band of national ornament. Images of the sun, its rays, the eagle and the ornament are of golden colour. Width/length ratio of the flag is 1: 2.
According to the law of heraldry, the silhouette of the sun is a symbol of wealth and abundance. That’s why the rays of the sun at the same time have the shape of the grain in our flag – the basis of abundance and well-being.
Steppe eagle or a Golden eagle takes a special place in outlook of the nomads. His image in arms and flags of Nations and ethnic groups that inhabited Kazakhstan, has a long tradition.
In the language of symbols silhouette of an eagle means  state power, breadth and perspicacity. For nomads it is a symbol of freedom, independence and aspiration to the goal, to the height of the flight in the future.
However, the eagle, having a powerful force, capable to give a fitting rebuff to any who tries to impede the attainment of the future. The silhouette of an eagle emerged from the idea of the aspirations of the young sovereign Kazakhstan in the height of world civilization.
Another element, giving the novelty and originality of our flag, is parallel to the shaft band, consisting of the national ornament. It shows the Kazakh ornament «Koshkar-muiz – horns of a ram».

State emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The emblem is an image of shanyrak the upper dome-like portion of a yurt, against a sky blue background which irradiates (in the form of sun rays) uyks (supports) set off by wings of mythical horses. The circle shape of the Emblem is a symbol of a life and eternity. The shanyrak symbolizes well-being of family, peace and calmness.

The colour version of the national emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of two colours: gold and sky blue. The golden colour corresponds to a light, clear future of Kazakh people, and the blue sky colour is a symbol of aspiration to the peace, consent, friendship and unity with all people.

The name of the country in Kazakh, “Kazakhstan” is in the lower part of the coat of arms.

Star, shanyrak, uyks, mythical horses and inscription “Kazakhstan” have golden colour. Authors of National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan are Zhandarbek malibekov and Shoty Ualikhanov.

 National Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

 In the sky is the gold sun,
In steppe is gold grain.
The legend on courage is my country.
In a gray-haired antiquity
Our glory was born,
Kazakh people are proud and strong.


O, my people! O, my country!
I am a flower grown by you!
I am a song ringing on your lips,
My Native land is my Kazakhstan!

Your open space is vast
Also road is opened in the future.
My people is independent,
Rallied and uniform
As the immemorial friend
Meets new time
Our happy country, our people!


O, my people! O, my country!
I am a flower grown by you!
I am a song ringing on your lips,
My Native land is my Kazakhstan!

 Music written by Shamshi Kaldayakov
Verses written by Zhumeken Nazhimedenov and Nursultan Nazarbayev




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