Mar 13 2013

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The sector of acquisition, registration and technical processing of the literature

It carries out systematic and efficient acquisition of the library Fund of documents on the traditional and electronic media in the state, Russian and foreign languages.
• Completes the Fund with documents and information resources.
• Organizes the work of the Council for the acquisition of library Fund of the University on the purchase of the literature.
• Prepares pre-orders for the publication in price-lists of book selling organizations and publishers on the basis of applications from departments, departments of the University and the departments of the library (paste – a sample of the application for purchase of the literature). Provides price-lists and catalogues of subscription to get acquainted with publications, which are prepared for printing and published in the light of (paste Getting acquainted with the price-lists and catalogues of subscription are made in an audience № 144 or on the library web site). It helps in the design of applications.
• Organizes subscription for periodic publications (paste – application form).
• Takes into account all incoming and outgoing documents.
• Produces technical processing of documents and transfers to the Book Depository Department.


Location: main building, auditorium № 144

Head of the sector of acquisition, registration and technical processing of the literature: Samorukova Irina Viktrorovna

Phone: 56-59-35 (int.1059)

Work schedule

Monday – Thursday         8.30-17.30

Friday                              8.30-17.00

Lunch                                   12.30-13.30

Saturday, Sunday          day-off

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