Sep 08 2020

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Electronic document delivery

Dear students and teachers!

To help distance learning, a service is available

Electronic document delivery (EDD).

EDD enables remote users to order and receive electronic copies of documents stored in the fund of the KTU library.

The procedure and conditions for the electronic delivery of documents:

1. Electronic copies are made in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Copyright and Related Rights” dated June 10, 1996 No. 6-1 no more than 15% of the publication. Copying of publications in full is not performed.

2. To receive the EDD service, you must be a reader of the MapTU library and have a valid e-mail address.

3. Ordering and delivery of a document from the fund of the KTU library is carried out on the basis of the search results in the electronic catalog (WebIRBIS).

4. Copy the search results, exact data of the book (name of the author, title, year of publication) and add the received description to the request at library_ktu@mail.ru

5. In response to your request, the library staff will send a scanned table of contents of the requested publication.

6. It is necessary to clarify which chapters or pages you need by filling out the form. (Order form for electronic delivery of documents)

7. According to the EDD from the fund of the KTU library, one reader can order no more than one edition per day.

8. Depending on the volume and complexity, the order is executed within 1 to 3 days after receiving the order.

9. Only pages or chapters of educational and scientific publications should be scanned.

10. Electronic copies of documents are sent to your specified e-mail address.

11. Orders for electronic delivery from other libraries will not be accepted.

Library KTU wishes you fruitful work!

Order form for electronic delivery of documents

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