May 11 2021

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Dear Readers!

The National Scientific and Practical Center “Тіл-қазына” named after Shaisultan Shayakhmetov recommends information resources that will help the study and correct application of the Kazakh language in the field of education and science.

Using these resources to determine the meaning of words and phrases when teaching a language, in scientific research, using terms and onomastic names, spelling rules of the Kazakh language, will help you to contribute to the development of the Kazakh language.

* www.tilqural.kz – portal for teaching the Kazakh language;

* www.sozdikqor.kz – a vocabulary site that helps to determine the meaning of words and phrases;

* www.termincom.kz – electronic fund of Kazakh terms;

* www.emle.kz – site for the spelling reference book of the Kazakh language;

* www.qazlatyn.kz – a specially designed site for translating the Kazakh alphabet into Latin graphics;

* www.balatili.kz – an Internet resource that helps children to master the language;

* www.atau.kz – site for onomastic names.

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