Oct 04 2021

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Webinar “Elsevier and Anti-Plagiarism: Ethical Violations and Their Consequences”

On October 7, 2021 at 14:00 (Nur-Sultan) AndreyMikhailov (Elsevier) and Yuri Chekhovich (Antiplagiat) will hold a webinar for you on the topic: “Elsevier and Antiplagiat: ethical violations and their consequences.”

They will tell you about the international practice of allocating areas of responsibility in the publication process and about the existing mechanisms for responding to identified violations. You will also learn how to prevent the author from incorrect citation in his works, and how the editor can determine the correctness of borrowings in the manuscript, assess the validity of the citation volume.

Register here: https://events.webinar.ru/1176571/9060547

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