Dec 20 2018

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Series of “Stepik” platform webinars

Stepik is an educational platform that allows users to create their own online-courses. The hosts of webinars are Natalya Feofanova (director for working with courses) and Yuliya Shuvalova (director for Stepik platform development).

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04.12.2018.  Stepik educational platform and its capabilities of creating online-courses (N. Feofanova).
Stepik is an educational platform that gives teachers opportunities to make their own online-courses. Types of courses (open, fee-based and private), benefits of online-courses, options of the platform (analytics, examinations, communicating with students, etc).

11.12.2018.  Private and fee-based courses in Stepik (Yu. Shuvalova)
Private courses allow studying in closed groups of students and fee-based courses allow selling access to educational materials through Stepik. Organization of educational process.

20.12.2018. Master class: how to create online-course on Stepik (N. Feofanova)
Creating courses, different types of tasks, reports on courses, interface of the platform, methodical recommendations on making video courses.

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