Dec 20 2018

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Series of Pavel Kallinikov’s webinars

Pavel Kallinikov is the head of “Direct-Media” company’s educational center and organizer and host of “Direct-Academia”. These are his webinars from “Electronic learning content” series.

10.12.2018 75 kinds and technologies of educational videos. How to choose an appropriate format

13.12.2018 Preparing materials to record an educational video

18.12.2018 Camera, action! Recording an educational video on one’s own

21.12.2018 Methods of video editing

24.12.2018 Text in learning. Part 1: Electronic typography

27.12.2018 Text in learning. Part 2: Text as a media: new structures and forms

10.01.2019 Media literacy in library, classroom and office or “what should I do with these files?”

17.01.2019 33 reasons why you should host webinars

22.01.2019 Practical recommendations for hosting webinars. Part 1: Preparation of webinar materials

28.01.2019 Practical recommendations for hosting webinars. Part 2: Host’s work during webinar

31.01.2019 Practical recommendations for hosting webinars. Part 3: After the webinar: results

05.02.2019 Master of educational content: instruments and methods

24.04.2019 Using free internet services to promote your training course

14.05.2019 Quality of educational content: a technical matter or a cause of a new war?

16.05.2019 7 lives of an online teacher: how to replace the whole collective with only yourself

30.05.2019 Timeline. How to make a learning schedule

24.06.2019 Interactive travels: an effective solution

27.06.2019 Interactive geographic information resources: how to use geographical context in learning

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