Feb 08 2019


Electronic textbook of teachers of the department ИВС
Абилдаева, Г.Б., Зайцева, С.В. Ақпараттық жүйелер негіздері , 2017 entered the TOP 100 (the most popular resources) hosted in the Republican inter-university electronic library.

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Feb 07 2019

Dear readers!

On the website of the university library in the section “JUBILEARS OF KSTU” lists of works of the February jubilear, Professor Beysembaev K.M.

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Feb 06 2019


Dear colleagues, the list of publications that have been discontinued in Scopus has also been updated. In 2018, the Expert Council revised 263 publications, the indexation of 135 of them was discontinued.
The list of journals discontinued in Scopus (download in xls format, updated – January 2019
Please do not publish in them the results of your research.
Scopus content updates can be monitored on the official Russian based site Elsevier in the “Scopus” section. Read the rest of this entry »

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Feb 05 2019

Invitation for teachers to webinar on copyright

Dear teachers!

We invite you to a joint webinar of the Юрайт publishing house and the Антиплагиат company.

February 06, 2019
at 11:00 am Moscow time
The main thing about copyright and Antiplagiat system.
Part 1: Copyright Read the rest of this entry »

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Feb 01 2019

Dear readers!

In the “New Items” banner you will learn about new books in the library in the appendix brief summary and content.

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