Apr 15 2019

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Online events for teachers from Юрайт!


EBS “Юрайт” invites lecturers to a series of webinars and master classes from April 15 to 18, 2019.

April 15, 12:00 (Moscow time)
Marketing teacher. Part 1
About teacher competition, competitive selection practices in leading universities, citation ratings
and methodical activity. We will discuss what steps will help improve reputation in the academic community and attract students.

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April 17, 12:00 (Moscow time)
An hour of questions and answers with the deputy editor-in-chief of the publishing house “Юрайт”
We will talk about how to become the author of “Юрайт” and the principles of selecting manuscripts, about writing a training course, choosing a publishing house and organizing a group of authors. Let us discuss what the template RPD can and cannot help the teacher, how to use media courses and adaptive learning.

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April 19, 12:00 (Moscow time)
Educational mobile applications – training without borders
Many educational platforms already have convenient mobile versions. Consider their pros and cons and discuss how the teacher can use them in their daily activities.

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April 16 10:00 (Moscow Time) Working with the course

  • platform tools when creating a course;
  • Eras “Юрайт” media in the educational process;
  • work with disciplines on the platform;
  • search for the necessary literature.

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April 17, 10:00 (Moscow Time) Working with the funds and equipment

  • quick preparation of work programs of the discipline with the service “Templates RPD”;
  • work with the service without connecting to the EBS;
  • media materials in the RPD;
  • checking the relevance of links in work programs.

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April 18 10:00 (Moscow Time) Work with students

  • online testing capabilities on biblio-online.ru;
  • collection and analysis of results;
  • own tests on the platform;
  • adaptive learning with biblio-online.ru.

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