Sep 26 2018

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New series of Web of Science webinars

Part 1: Information tools for authors of scientific publications
Basic skills of operating Web of Science information platform: search for scientific information

Key features of Web of Science information platform and Web of Science Core Collection database. Creating user’s personal profile. Ways of most effective search for scientific publications. Analysis of information received. Searching for full texts of scientific publications. Notifications of new publications and citation.
September 17, Monday 9:00 (MSK) – registration
September 19, Wednesday 14:00 (MSK) – registrationJournal selection and assessment for scientific results publishing

Formats and business models of journals. Attributes and indicators of scientific journal quality. Impact-factor and quartiles. Creation of a list of thematic journals for publishing with Web of Science, EndNote (Match) and Journal Citation Reports. Capabilities of Journal Citation Reports analytical instrument to select and assess a journal on required parameters.

September 19, Wednesday 10:00 (MSK) – registration
September 21, Friday 15:00 (MSK) - registration

Search for publications by author and indicators of scientist’s activities in Web of Science
Possible difficulties of search by author. Analysis of scientist’s publication activities, creation and interpretation of citation reports (citation, Hirsch index, etc). Capabilities of free author identifier ResearcherID for presentation of a list of scientist’s all publications, assessment of his achievements based on Web of Science data and generation of automatic reports on publication activities for a group of scientists.

September 19, Wednesday 12:00 (MSK) – registration
September 24, Monday 9:00 (MSK) – registration

Part 2: Information tools for analysis of scientific activities

Additional capabilities of Web of Science platform for scientific literature analysis
Advanced search in Web of Science Core Collection. Compilation of search queries using search boxes and logical operators. Search in bibliography at the end of an article. Information analysis in specialized databases and regional scientific citation indexes on Web of Science platform.

September 21, Friday 10:00 (MSK) – registration
September 24, Monday 15:00 (MSK) – registration

Difficulty in search publications of an organization. Using Address search box and SAME search operator in Web of Science Core Collection database. Advanced search for identifying and analyzing publications of an organization. Algorithm of creation and adjustment of Organization Enhanced profile.

September 25, Tuesday 10:00 (MSK) – registration
September 26, Wednesday 15:00 (MSK) – registration

InCites capabilities for assessment of scientific activities of a scientist, organization, country
Review workshop on InCites analytical resource. Key indicators and new instrument functions for full assessment of scientific activities. Creating basic and user reports on the basis of Web of Science data and using them for scientific activities planning.

September 26, Wednesday 9:00 (MSK) – registration
September 27, Thursday 15:00 (MSK) – registration

Part 3: Practical recommendations on publishing in international journals
How to choose the best journal for a scientific publication and to avoid predatory journals

Indicators of a high quality scientific journal. Impact factor and quartiles. Forming a list of thematic journals for publishing using Web of Science, EndNote (Match) and Journal Citation Reports. Predatory journals and their main features. Examples of predatory emails.

September 20, Thursday 9:00 (MSK) - registration
September 25, Tuesday 14:00 (MSK) – registration

Creating one’s own library and bibliography list
Article preparation process for international journal. Journals standards for publication. Creating one’s own bibliographical database using EndNote Online. Entries sorting, groups creation and managing access to them. Using bibliography design templates. Using Cite-While-You-Write module for Microsoft Word and literature list creation while writing a text.

September 20, Thursday 15:00 (MSK) – registration
September 26, Wednesday 11:00 (MSK) – registration

Main standards for publication in international journals

Editor’s expectations. Main reasons of publication rejection. Work with reviewer’s editorial changes. Structure of a scientific article. Practical advice on writing main sections. Distinguishing features of academic English. Making an annotation. Writing headlines. Choosing keywords.

September 21, Friday 13:00 (MSK) -  registration
September 27, Thursday 10:00 (MSK) -  registration

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