May 11 2021

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July Web of Science Series

Series 1

Web of Science: a search engine for scientific information

Series 1 webinars are conducted by Varvara Sosedova Information platform Web of Science: content, possibilities, application

Key features of the Web of Science information platform and the Web of Science Core Collection central database. Creation of a personal user profile. Search for scientific publications on a given topic. Analysis of the information received. Saving the required data. Access to full texts of scientific publications. Optimization of work: saving search histories, creating automatic notifications for new publications and citations.

- 14 July, Tuesday 9:00 (Moscow time)

- 15 July, Wednesday 14:00 (Moscow time)

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Journal Citation Reports and Impact Factor: How to Compare and Select International Scientific Journals

Magazine formats and business models. Characteristics of a quality scientific publication. Citation indicators of a scientific journal, impact factor and quartiles. Formation of a list of subject publications for publication using Web of Science, EndNote (Match) and Journal Citation Reports. The capabilities of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) analytical tool for evaluating and selecting a journal according to the required parameters.

- July 15, Wednesday 9:00 (Moscow time)

- 16 July, Thursday 14:00 (Moscow time)

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Publons and ResearcherID: Publication Search, Author Profile, and Publication Metrics

Possible difficulties of searching by author and ways to solve them. Analysis of the publication activity of a scientist and a group of scientists, creation and interpretation of citation reports (citations, Hirsch index, etc.). Creation, correction and capabilities of an author profile in the Web of Science Researcher ID / Publons system: publications, metrics, peer review.

- 16 July, Thursday 9:00 (Moscow time)

- 14 July, Tuesday 14:00 (Moscow time)

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Series 2

Science Analytics: Clarivate Information Tools for Scientists and Administrators

Series 2 webinars are hosted by Irina Tikhonkova, Ph.D.

Additional search and analysis capabilities of the Web of Science platform

Basic search functions that we forget about: combining search fields, estimating citation and related records. Advanced search: syntax and examples of use. Search in the article literature: estimates of the citation of the publication and non-indexed documents. Databases on the Web of Science platform. Comparison of search results for individual databases and the entire platform. Analysis of the data obtained. Optimization of work: saving search histories, setting up notifications about new works and citations. What the new Web of Science interface is preparing for us.

- July 21, Tuesday 8:00 (Moscow time)

- 22 July, Wednesday 12:00 (Moscow time)

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Professional assessment of publication activity (analytical system InCites)

Why, given relatively equal starting opportunities, some organizations and scientists achieve great results? Who to focus on, why, what practices can be applied. Review seminar on the analytical resource InCites. Key indicators and new functions of the tool for a comprehensive assessment of a scientist, organization, country, journal. Creation of basic and custom reports based on Web of Science data and their use for planning scientific activities.

- 22 July, Wednesday 08:00 (Moscow time)

- 23 July, Thursday 12:00 (Moscow time)

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Organization Profile in Web of Science: Creation, Features, and Opportunities

How to find and analyze the publication activity of an organization. What difficulties arise when searching for publications of an organization, what is their reason and how to solve them. Working with Advanced search, Address search field, SAME search operator and retrieved data samples. Organization Enhanced organization profile: algorithm for creation, adjustment. What works can / cannot be displayed in the profile. Creation of a report on publication activity for a certain period. Assessing the effectiveness of an organization based on data from the Web of Science Core Collection and InCites.

- 23 July, Thursday 08:00 (Moscow time)

- 21 July, Tuesday 12:00 (Moscow time)

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Series 3

Practical guidelines for publication in international journals

Series 3 webinars are hosted by Valeria Kurmakaeva

How to learn to understand international magazines

Indicators of a quality scientific publication. Impact factor and quartiles. Formation of a list of subject publications for publication using Web of Science, EndNote (Match) and Journal Citation Reports. The concept of a predatory (garbage, unscrupulous) magazine and its main features. Examples of predatory mailings: how to check where you were invited to send an article.

- July 27, Monday, 10:00 (Moscow time)

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EndNote bibliography features

The process of preparing an article for submission to an international journal. Publishing requirements of journals. Create your own bibliographic database using EndNote Online. Sort records, create groups and control access to them. Using bibliography design templates. Using the Cite-While-You-Write Module for Microsoft Word and creating a bibliography directly while writing the text.

- July 28, Monday, 10:00 (Moscow time)

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How to prepare a publication for an international journal

The structure of the scientific article. Practical advice on writing the main sections. Distinctive features of academic English. Drawing up an annotation. Writing headers. Choice of keywords. The expectations of the editor. The main reasons for refusals to publish. Working with revisions of reviewers.

- July 29, Monday, 10:00 (Moscow time)

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