Jun 03 2019

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Dear teachers, doctoral students, undergraduates and staff of KSTU!

We invite you to take part in a free training (lectures and practical lesson) on the topic “Improving the effectiveness of scientific research with Scopus and ScienceDirect”, which will be held on June 3, 2019 from 15-00 to 17-00 in 338 aud. Ch. Corps and Electronic Reading Room Library (254 aud. Ch. Corps).
The training will be conducted by Rabiga Hojamkul – Elsevier’s coach in Kazakhstan.
According to the results of the training, participants will be issued certificates.

• 15.00-15.10: Introduction
• 15.10-16.10: Part I SCOPUS
• Why use Scopus?
• Scopus content
• Choice of content
• Scientific metrics
• Practice
- (1) Search by document, author and affiliation in Scopus
- (2) How to interpret Scopus metrics
- (3) How to find a scientific journal in Scopus
• 16.10-16.20: BREAK
• Why use ScienceDirect?
• ScienceDirect content
• Improvements and innovations ScienceDirect
• Practice
- 16.40-17.00: PART III. MENDELEY
- Why use Mendeley?
- How to use Mendeley to search for grant opportunities
• Practice

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