Nov 22 2017

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Dear readers!

Our University gained access to international databases Scopus and ScienceDirect!

Kazakhstani scientists gained access to international databases Scopus and ScienceDirect since 1 October 2017. Aslanbek Amrin, vice-minister of MES RK, mentioned that Kazakhstan canceled nationwide subscription for Scopus, which “among other things led to a problem of drastically increasing number of publications in predatory journals”. In addition to that, process of indexation of new Kazakhstani scientific journals in recognized international databases almost stopped.

In this connection negotiations with the largest and highly authoritative publishing house Elsevier were conducted. As a result of negotiations, nationwide subscription for Scopus and ScienceDirect will be recovered in 2018. Since 1 October 2017 Elsevier opened access to their resources for scientific organizations of Kazakhstan. To increase our scientists’ scientific potential and motivation there will be held award ceremonies Scopus Award and Scopus Young Research Award for best scientists and young researchers.

Scopus (https://www.scopus.com/) is world’s largest database of abstracts and citations.

ScienceDirect (http://www.sciencedirect.com/ ) is a website which provides subscription-based access to a large database of scientific and medical research. It hosts over 12 million pieces of content from 3,500 academic journals and 34,000 e-books.

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