May 20 2019

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May 20, 11:00 (Moscow time) Approximate working programs for secondary vocational education: where to look, how to complete
Based on news from FEDERAL INSTITUTE for EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT CENTER Mospolitekh and FEDERAL EDUCATIONAL AND METHODOLOGICAL ASSOCIATIONS, we share useful recommendations, answer important questions and offer assistance in picking and orientation on the topic.
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May 21 11:00 (Moscow Time) Training course and biblio-online.ru: points of contact. Master Class
Do you use all the capabilities of the platform when creating and maintaining a course? Let us tell you how to use biblio-online.ru more effectively in your work.
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May 21 13:00 (Moscow time) Marketing teacher: from A to Z
A modern teacher needs to properly position himself as a professional. This intensive is designed to highlight all issues relating to reputation, attracting students, working with a poorly motivated part of the audience, current updates of their professional activities.
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May 22, 11:00 (Moscow Time) The influence of the teacher on the acquisition of the library fund. Master Class
It is the teachers who form the library fund: everything starts with your applications. What is important to consider when preparing an application? Additionally, we will talk about how in a few hours you can write a work program of the discipline with the service “Templates of WPD”.
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May 23, 9:00 (Moscow time) Completion of the educational process of secondary vocational education in accordance with Federal state educational standards 3 ++
At the event, we will discuss modern legislation in the field of regulation of book provision, new Federal state educational standards. Let’s talk about Exemplary basic educational programs: what is important in them, where to find the current Projects of exemplary educational programs and how you can influence them. Consider the features, ways to connect and integrate with the school EBS “Юрайт”, reports, statistics, subscription cost and other questions.
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May 23, 11:00 (Moscow time) Interaction with students on biblio-online.ru
Let’s talk about adaptive learning and online testing, analyze how to find and use suitable online tests on biblio-online.ru, how to look at the results of our students. Can I become the author of tests in Юрайт? How to embed testing in the learning process? We will answer these and other questions, as well as describe bonuses for students from the Юрайт Publishing House.
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May 23, 15:00 (Moscow time). The main thing about copyright and the Antiplagiat system. 2. “Antiplagiat”
Together with Olga Belenkaya, head of the Antiplagiat educational and methodological center, we consider the criteria for evaluating the originality of the text, the results of the borrowing test and their interpretation, discuss the editing options for the full report, the problem of transferable borrowings, paraphrasing, bibliography and common expressions and other issues.
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May 24, 11:00 (Moscow time) Social networks as a teacher’s tool
Where is the best place to do a test and survey? How to use media materials and what services to use? What are the latest updates of large social networks – for the benefit of the teacher? Do not forget to talk about the ethical presence, the correct use of other people’s content and distance with students in social networks. If these questions are new to you or you asked yourself “How can this be applied?”, You need this master class.
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May 24 14:00 (Moscow time) The power and prestige of the teacher: how to achieve and how to use
Did you ever think when choosing a teaching profession that with this status you would gain power? Do you realize your power? How do you manage it? Power is one of the key characteristics of relations between people. Thinking about it is difficult. But we, teachers, should be able to recognize our power and use it. How? You will learn about it on the webinar.
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