Feb 07 2020

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Until April 30, 2020, the Karaganda State Technical University was given free test access to the electronic library of the Grebennikov Publishing House: Grebennikon. EB GREBENNIKON is a practical guide on economics, management, marketing, advertising, management, etc. .. Currently, EB has over 40,000 articles.

It is possible to read any materials in free test access (without downloading, printing, etc. – only the reading / viewing mode). The library has a convenient rubricator for 300 topics, detailed annotations to articles, and has the ability to search for articles by authors, title and keywords. In 2018, the Grebennikon electronic library was replenished with a media library – a collection of training videos on marketing, management, finance, advertising, personnel management, project and program management, and other topics. List of electronic publications.

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